Judo/Ju-Jitsu Fee


If you're considering martial arts training, we think you should know what it's going to take. Don't compare our dues rates with discount or fly-by-night training at the strip mall - this is serious martial arts. If you really want to train with highly credentialed instructors in a clean, safe dojo, and have access to advanced martial artists who truly care about your success, then consider stopping in to watch one of our classes. We teach the Olympic sport of Kodokan Judo and traditional Shuri-te Jujitsu. The curriculum is taught under the guidelines of the United State Judo Association (USJA) & the United States Ju-Jitsu Federations (USJJF).

OBSERVE A CLASS .... Free! Must call in advance for appointment. No walk-ins allowed.


We welcome visitors who really want to learn martial arts, who want to be safe and cooperative, and who are willing to work at getting better. You are probably capable of being much better than you are right now - more fit, more focused, and more able to live the life you want. Life is short ... getting on the path to your personal transformation today! Now that you know what it's going to take, think about what you're looking for. Refer to the website (www.delawarejudo.net) calendar for scheduled class as it rotates on a weekly basis.

NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT FEE (Juniors & Adults): $ 270.00 / $280.00

Fee includes:

DJJA Monthly Tuition (Juniors & Adults) .... $ 100.00 per month

USJA Membership (Juniors & Adults)          $ 35.00 PAL per year

USJJF Membership (Juniors & Adults) ........$ 40.00 / $50.00 per year

USJA Student Handbook .... $ 55.00

Four (4) uniform patches .... $ 40.00

* Judo uniform .... (not included in student enrollment fee). For uniform purchase see below. 


Note: Failure for DJJA to perform services due to reasons beyond its control, such as, but not limited to, attending tournaments, training seminars, inclement weather or inability to access building, or closure due to major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, does not entitle one to a refund for part of monthly membership or extend the membership period.

MANDATORY ANNUAL AFFILIATE DUES (Juniors & Adults) .... $75.00 / $85.00

Delaware Judo & Ju-Jitsu Association is officially sanctioned by the United States Judo Association  and the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation. Membership in the United States Judo Association and  United States Ju-Jitsu Federation is required to participate as this provides dojo- specific insurance, which covers liability and excessive medical cost, protecting the student, the dojo, the instructors and all other students. All ranks are registered through the national organization (USJA & USJJF) which are recognized worldwide.

PROMOTION TEST FEES (Includes DJJA, USJA, and USJJF certificates & new colored belt)

Junior...….$75.00 (All Degrees)

Adults.... $75.00 (6th Kyu through 4th Kyu)

             TBA (3rd Kyu)

             TBA (2nd Kyu)

             TBA (1st Kyu)

             TBA (Shodan & above) 

             TBA (Shodan & above) 



If you think you might like to get involved in martial arts, we’d love to have you watch a class. Call us at (302)753-2144 to arrange a time to visit or get your questions answered. If you’re more comfortable with email, you can reach us at www.delawarejudo.net. We’d be happy to help you decide whether martial arts at DJJA make sense for you!


Monthly fee of $100.00 includes unlimited access to all level appropriate classes. Additionally, Family Discounts are available, $10 discount on the 2nd family member and $20 discounts for all additional family members. Tuition is due on the 1st training day of the month. Any lessons missed cannot be carried forward or saved. Tuition paid after the 3rd training day of the month must include a $15.00 late fee. If more than 5 training days late, student will not be allowed to train until all fees are paid. 


Out of State Judo/Jujitsu Club members taking a single class in any DJJA program is $25.00 per session. DJJA COVID-19 Protocol will apply to all Out of State Judo/Jujitsu practitioners. 


To set up an intro lesson call (302) 753-2144 or email us at www.delawarejudo.net. NO WALK-INS. Sign up TODAY to lock-in the current rate! Must follow DJJA/New Castle County COVID-19 Protocol.


* White Judo Gi, Single weave judo uniform, sizes 000 - 7.... $40.00 - $90.00

* Blue Judo Gi, single weave judo uniform, sizes 000 - 7 .... $50.00 - $ 110.00 

Delaware Judo & Ju-Jitsu Patch ............$10.00

United State Judo Association Patch ......$10.00

United States Ju-Jitsu Federation Patch ...$10.00

Kodokan Patch....$10.00


Ring to Cage Headgear w/Shield (Black) .... $90.00 or

Proforce Headguard w/Shield (Blue or Red) .... $100.00

Shock Doctor "Gel Max” Mouthguard ....$30.00

Proforce Velocity Chest Guard (Blue or Red) ....$80.00

Century MMA Gloves (Blue or Red) ....$50.00

Proforce Mens & Womens Under Guard ....$20.00

Pro Force Gladiator Shin & Instep Guard (Black) ....$60.00


All Association Fees, Testing Fees, Monthly Tuition & Supplies are subject to change without notice.