Training Concept


Budo Fusion

Training Concept

DJJA teaches combined martial arts with the spirit of Budo. Budo Arts are taught by combining the realism of fighting with emphasis on safety. DJJA has fused time-tested techniques and modified them to create a system where the best strategies and techniques for striking, grappling, ground fighting and throwing are synthesized and perfected to build students that fight with "One Mind."

DJJA includes martial arts that use the gi and emphasize the budo spirit. We found that training with the gi makes for, a more realistic training when it comes to self-defense on the street, since many of its techniques rely on the gi. One of the fundamental goals of DJJA is to create a versatile and realistic fighting system without compromising safety. Sensei Velazquez manner of teaching incorporates various offensive and defensive techniques which include punches and kicks to the head and body, elbow strikes, head butts, judo throws, jujitsu, joint locks and other stand-up and ground fighting techniques.

In ensuring safety during training at the dojo and tournaments, it is required for students to wear a groin protector, mouth guard, hand-wraps, mma style gloves and headgear with face shield. The mma gloves cover the wrist, back of the hand and up to the 2nd joint of the knuckles. The headgear is a foam helmet with face shield to protect a student from facial injuries and head trauma. It is this helmet which allows the students in DJJA to punch and elbow the face, which is not allowed in more mainstream Karate and Jujitsu competitions.