Martial Experience

Founder of Kodokan Judo

The DJJA Approach

People who practice budo are members of a special group. They are seekers of truth, people who want something more from life than a paycheck and a nice home. They make unique contributions to their communities and to the world. They seek the true Japanese martial arts experience.

Here at DJJA, we make ourselves better through consistent, long-term practice. We like being in shape, we like having a mission of personal improvement, and we like knowing that we have a place where our instructors are also devoted to a lifetime of self-improvement.

The ideal martial artist:

•Sets high standards for him or herself.

•Abides by a code of personal conduct (Code of Bushido).

•Values sincerity and politeness.

•Is loyal, honor-bound, and courageous.

Training the Whole Person:

We help train the whole person through the traditional techniques and philosophies of the Japanese martial arts, with the goal of developing healthy, confident members of society. We strive to:

•Strengthen your body with time-tested skills.

•Train your mind through the discipline of kata.

•Forge your spirit with focused repetition.

An exceptional training environment:

Our students love to practice. You will find that class is always enjoyable because you learn in an atmosphere of integrity, mutual respect and dedication.

•Your training is systematic and safe.

•You benefit from DJJA's variety of floor mats, such as 900 square feet of 2 1/2" dual polyethylene/polyurethane foam core for heavier throws and falls and Training Mats that works great as a safety mat for perfecting take-downs and high throws. Designed to provide that extra protection from practicing advanced moves.

•The techniques you learn are dynamic and based on proper physical structure.

•You learn effective self-defense in judo and jujitsu.

Do You Want to Get Started on Your Mission of Personal Improvement?

If you're interested in Japanese martial arts, we'd love to have you come watch a class. Call us at (302) 753-2144 to arrange a time to visit or to take a free class!